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Hello World,

Well, for start this blog I just wanna say, that what I want from this blog is to show you some Hotels around the world, some affordable others just for some people, not me because I'm just a student and for now I'm just go in low cost.

Well for start this blog I would like to show to you guys a Hotel from my Country and City, It's called Internacional Design Hotel and it's a really beautiful and conceptive hotel, there are 4 floors each one with 1 concept: Urban, Tribu, Zen and Pop.

Located on the center of Lisbon in Rossio and if you want to know The capital this is hotel is suited for you, next to Tejo river, you have all transports you want to anyplace of Lisbon. You have Bus or tram (, Subway ( or Train (

Next to the Hotel are the Elevator Santa Justa (5 min), Terreiro do Paço (5 min), S.Jorge Castle (16 min), Sé (10 min) and a lot of street stores.

If you want any information about the city or even the hotel you can contact me, because my Cousin works there and she can help.

Here are some photos of the Hotel:

All the images are from google search except the first one that is from my girlfriend's Flickr

For more informations about the hotel and photos you can go to:

John Hook

3 Responses to 'Internacional Design Hotel'

  1. johanna said...'> 22 de junho de 2010 às 15:06

    It really looks like a really elegant hotel. I would love to spend a night in there =) Thank you so much for sharing this, I'm following.

    Love, johanna


  2. johanna said...'> 23 de junho de 2010 às 03:20

    Thank you so much for your comment, it’s so nice of you.
    Keep following ,
    ♥, Johanna


  3. Toby O'B said...'> 23 de junho de 2010 às 11:51

    Thanks for visiting Inner Toob today. You asked me to follow Hoteloscopy and here I am! I'm hoping you become a follower of Inner Toob as well. Interesting coincidence: I work in the hotel business, so this should be an interesting site to visit again!


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