Marriott Cypress Harbour

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Hello Hello,

Well after one day out from the blog I came back with a New Hotel, Time to go to the United States of America. First of all let me say that I had a lot of help doing this Post by my follower Tobby O'B and I want to thank him so much for the informations and Photos!

Here is his Blog a really interesting and to follow blog, check it out =D

Back to the Hotel, this one is called Marriott Cypress Harbour and It's in Orlando, the informations and photos I have it's from a Suite of the Hotel, and It have, a Master Bedroom with Jacuzzi and a queen bed size, a Small suite with his own queen bed size and a fold out couch and a own bathroom. (This Master and Small Suite have a door separating the two of them) It have a dining and a TV Area too and a complete kitchen with washing machine and a Laundry Room.

Isn't Amazing?

It's bigger than my house almost! =P

but well I've been for ages looking for hotels with bedroom jacuzzi and now Toby showed me one more =D.

Well check the photos:

Thanks to Toby O'B one more time, and to more informations about the hotel you can go to Marriott Cypress Harbour Website.

John Hook

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  1. Stevia said...'> 30 de junho de 2010 às 21:46

    thx for your comment and visiting my blog
    I sure followed you back!

    cool hotel!

    love the chess-yard-thing

    check out my latest post


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