Nile River or Pyramids View?

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Hello there,

Today I went to Marquês de Pombal in the middle of my very own Lisbon to pick up my mom's phone. So as you imagined I passed trough many hotels while I was going to the store, but none of them here inspired me whoever, I've passed through a travel agency and I saw a promotion to Egypt so when I've come home from my walk I have researched a little about the Egypt Hotels, let me say I love the history behind that Country I really do and I always deserved to do a cruise to the Nile River and see the Gizé Pyramids.

So I found out two Hotels I really enjoyed, One of them had the most brilliant room view to the pyramids, but the Hotel It doesn't caught my attention by any other motives, the other one, have a Nile River room view and an great and beautiful installations, so I didn't know who I would choose to go on vacations.

The first one is called Le Meridien Pyramids and the second Sofitel Cairo el Gezirah.

Check the photos of the first one:

Official website Le Meridien Pyramids

The Second one:

Official Sofitel Cairo el Gezirah Website

And that's it, which one do you choose to spend your vacations? =D


2 Responses to 'Nile River or Pyramids View?'

  1. johanna said...'> 28 de junho de 2010 às 11:58

    The second one seems so PERFECT for a couple of nights with you
    Love, johanna


  2.'> 28 de junho de 2010 às 16:12

    The second without hesitation ...


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