The Yas Hotel

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Today I bring you a Futiristic architecture Hotel, well The United Arab Emirates, always have fascinated me with absolutely marvelous architectures and this time was the same, located in Abu Dabhi (Yes the same of the Sex and the city 2) and I choose this Hotel, first of all because of the design and principally because they are constructing an Ferrari Theme Park and I love Theme Parks, I really do. This Theme Park is called Ferrari World Abu Dhabi and It'll have the fastest roller coaster in the World, 240 km/h!, we'll need safety goggles to the roller coaster ride!

Back to the Hotel, It's very recent (November 2009) and It's very glamorous so you'll see here, there are the photos:

And there you have! =D

More informations on The Yas Hotel Website and Ferrari World Abu Dhabi website.

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