Andronis Luxury Suites

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Good Afternoon Blogger!

Today I asked my girl what Hotel should I put here, she said I should put Greece and I said okay It'll be a great post!

This hotel stays up in one hill of one of the Greek Islands, (Santorini to be more specific) and it have a Superb view to the Mediterranean Sea! Greek Islands are so Gorgeous!

Check out the Photos:

I've arrived from a school party funny the rich people trying to make a good impression of themselfs =P but It was nice, there was very nice people there!

Well you know the drill if you want more informations or photos go to Andronis Luxury Suites official website

Hope you enjoy the little dream post =P
John Hook

3 Responses to 'Andronis Luxury Suites'

  1. johanna said...'> 25 de junho de 2010 às 15:31



  2. Sarah said...'> 25 de junho de 2010 às 18:35

    ohhh the rooms are GORGEOUS!!! Im so there!! also the NCLEX is a test nurses have to take so that they can get their license and be able to get a job.


  3. Jonathan said...'> 25 de junho de 2010 às 20:54

    Wicked Blog! I would love to go here. It almost reminds me of Greece!



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