Lake Okareka Lodge

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Hello Blog World!

Ready for one more Hotel? Today I have decide to make a Hotel from of mine dream destinations, New Zealand. Let me say since the Lord of the rings, filmed there, I have been totally amazed by the Nature that exists in New Zealand, so I want to go there to see with my own eyes, if what I have seen in magazines, movies, documentaries or Internet are really true!

So I have found this beautiful Lodge, Surrounded by a Lake and flora!
This Lodge is only rented for one Family, couple or group at a time, with 3 suites and it can support up to 9 people!

So... Who wants to join??


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  1. Teenage Bride said...'> 27 de julho de 2010 às 11:58

    I do I do!!!

    I have always wanted to vacation by a lake.


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