Mondrian South Beach

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Hello Bloggers!

today I've been searching and somehow I saw this amazing hotel that for me is beautiful and perfect since is located at Miami that is a City I totally wanna go.

This Hotel is called Mondrian South Beach and it was designed by the Dutch designer Marcel Wanders, that is a multiple award-winner!

This Hotel have views to the Atlantic Ocean, Biscayne Bay and Downtown Miami.

Look and tell if this one isn't beautiful

You can see a Designer Interview on this youtube video!

So this is it, now I want to go to Miami and I can't! why god why?

Hope you enjoyed it,

3 Responses to 'Mondrian South Beach'

  1. Zuzia said...'> 26 de julho de 2010 às 12:51

    so amazing!
    i'm still dreaming about going to at least one of the hotels you show us...


  2. Hoteloscopy said...'> 27 de julho de 2010 às 09:04

    Oh Well I am dreaming too!



  3.'> 27 de julho de 2010 às 11:13

    Wow. I almost find it hard to believe that this hotel is in Miami. :-P

    -French Bean


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