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Hello hello,

Today I'll bring you some photos of where I've been for the weekend, I was very reluctant of doing this Post because first of all It's not a Luxurious and elegant place and second my Cam it's not high quality and so the photos are not high quality (of course) but well I've resolved to do so.

Located in Praia da Rocha (Rock Beach), Portimão, Algarve,South of Portugal and it's a beautiful beach full of sand don't get me wrong!

I've been at a private condominium with two pools, one bar with lounge area where all nights have karaoke or show of magic!

If this is not enough you can always go to the bar street near the beach less than 10 minutes walking. (I called Bar Street because that street is full of bars) so It's perfect for Summer Nights.

The apartments are not the most elegant place, they're very simple as you will see right now =D:

So this was the apartment now the views of it!

The Condominium inside!


The Bar:

And for last the main pool!

It's a really good and quiet place to be to a good night sleep! Or Day if you passed the night at the party that It's possible too.


2 Responses to 'Club Vila Rosa'

  1. KC said...'> 23 de julho de 2010 às 07:20

    i love those hanging plants and lamps along the arches. they're so romantic. too bad the room is not so nice. but it's decent.


  2. Teenage Bride said...'> 23 de julho de 2010 às 10:22

    It may not be luxurious but it sure is quaint. It looks like a nice easy going place. That pool looks amazing!


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