Four Seasons Macao, Cotai Strip

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I though today to get to you from a well known Chain of Hotels, Four Seasons, a Hotel called, Four Seasons Macao, Cotai Strip, It's very Elegant and charming, It's a place where you can have once in a life experience, Personally in this Hotel, I wouldn't want to get out of him!

Check the Photos:

Isn't Brilliant?
more informations and photos at Four Seasons Macao, Cotai Strip website


2 Responses to 'Four Seasons Macao, Cotai Strip'

  1. Zuzia said...'> 15 de julho de 2010 às 14:57

    i'd love to be there.. very elegant and luxury place.


  2. KC said...'> 15 de julho de 2010 às 19:50

    the luxury is overwhelming.


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