Hotel Cipriani

Checked in by John On 15:33
Today I choose a romantic escape, We go to Italy to one of the most Romantic City we have in this world, Venice.

I found this Hotel on one magazine that we have here in Portugal and I think that It's a gorgeous and romantic place!

with no further talk I let you with some of the photos I found on their Official website!

Isn't Lovely?


4 Responses to 'Hotel Cipriani'

  1. johanna said...'> 1 de agosto de 2010 às 15:56

    WOW, that dinner with that view sounds pretty exciting


  2. Zuzia said...'> 2 de agosto de 2010 às 06:39

    yes it is!
    well, I was in Venice but only for one day and the weather was really awful so it wasn't so great experience as i thought it'll be but I want to be there again - maybe in this hotel.. haha ;)


  3. Jolene D'souza said...'> 2 de agosto de 2010 às 08:25

    nice hotel. but u dint really stay there did u?


  4. Teenage Bride said...'> 4 de agosto de 2010 às 08:39

    oh wow this is the epitamy of romance. My husbnad and I would love to visit Italy. after all he is Italian haha


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