The Coming Back Part I

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Hey you guys,

Welcome back to the new Hoteloscopy, I've missed the writing I'm honest!

So Halloween night is coming and unfortunately I won't do anything to participate this year, because since Portugal doesn't have the tradition of Halloween, we only have a few parties and It's like all the other ones, so this little introduction takes me to the todays Post.

Last year my girlfriend and I, made a little crazy plans like skip college for three days to go to Barcelona to Halloween!

We went on a Thursday morning and the plan was to go to Portaventura and spend two nights in one of their Hotels! But first the plan of trip! We have arrived on the El Prat airport T1 and we had to catch the bus in a space of 45 min to terminal T2 that was on the other side of the airport, The El Prat airport was HUGE so we had to take a bus shuttle that takes the passagers from terminal to terminal. So we made it and we had some difficulties to found where the bus would stop, we were searching for some board with autocars plana ( on it to see the exact place of the airport terminal the bus would stop. We searched from approximatelly 20 min and the we saw a small paper on a pillar, and it was there!
Shuttle Bus from Terminal 1 (B) to Terminal 2 (A)

So after that search, we had an one peaceful hour of bus ride approximately and what made me surprise was that the bus driver talked to us, in Spanish of course about where we went and as I thought that he would stop the bus on the regular bus stop, he took us to the Entrance of the Hotel! we wasn't expecting that!

As we arrived we were amazed by the theme of the Hotel, It was the first time I went to a Hotel like that, It's called Hotel Gold River and it's a Western Theme Hotel!

Mapa de PortAventura, Hotel Gold River



Hotel Perimeter 1

Hotel Perimeter 2

Building of our Room

Entrance for our Room

On the way to our room



Poster of the Bathroom

For the Bathtub!    

 It's an amazing Hotel! this was the standard room there are apartments and bungalows too! (P.S this next photos aren't mine!)




Breakfast place!

Lucy's Mansion
So It's fair enough if you guys are asking why did he went to PortAventura in Halloween? and the answer it's simple, on Halloween they have more than the regular attractions and rides! First of all they decorate all place with skulls and pumpkins and stuff like only halloween have! Second, theres people dressed like the exorcist or the Frankenstein and scare people in the middle of the park when you least expect it! Also, there are many Halloween Shows and a Restaurant Halloween themed too and principally, they have Horror in Penitence that is a Terror House! Furthermore, on the Halloween Night, they transform the Polynesia Area, into the Forest of Fear (Selva del Miedo)! It's like the most frigthening thing there I have been to! and It takes you 30 min to get out of it!

you can see a little bit of it! not filmed by me!

There's still one pearl of PortAventura Halloween that is called Hotel Burn! It's a Hotel where all of it is halloween themed and in the night, if you want, they enter in your room and scare you!

And that's it for todays Post I leave you some photos of the park decoration!
Halloween Bridge

Entering Stampida (Wooden Coaster)

Keep Coming up!
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