The Coming Back Part II

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First of all thanks to the new followers I hope you've enjoyed mine blog and keep coming!

Halloweeeeen is hereeeee and I'll tell you the rest of my trip to Barcelona last year! As we ended in the last post on PortAventura Halloween it was time to leave that wonderful place and search, see and love the City that brought us there!

So after two days we leaved the perimeter and go to train station with the bags and we where expecting a train in a specific hour that we saw on internet, as we arrive there we saw a little train station and it was a little weird but "oh well, there's nothing we can do" and we seat and waited for the train for two hours passing the time we had on web, so we called to RENFE (Red Nacional de Ferrocarriles Españoles) and they've said to us that there was no train for another two hours!
So we were getting back to PortAventura to lunch and as soon as we leaved the station, a train arrives!! We have to run like we never did it before to catch it in time!!
When we were on our way to the city center we were thinking, where the hell we will buy the tickets! we asked to an old lady and she answered to us that was a man selling the tickets inside the train and we only had to wait in our seats!
The truth is the man never showed up and we've ride the bus for free! we've saved 20€ on the trip!
We have baptize it "The Ghost Train".

PortAventura Station (Photo by Sketchbooksix)

The Weird Station (Photo by sketchbooksix)

The Ghost Train (Photo by Sketchbooksix)

After we arrived and have something to eat, we went to buy the 3 days tickets on the subway station because we thought that it was the most cheapest way to see the city so we went and It was time to look for the Hotel, we've made all the reservations on, and despite we had some troubles they've resolved them not as fast as possible, but there was effort and we've appreciated it!

The Hotel we have chosed to stay is called Ayre Hotel Rosellón, it was new, just 2 months old and we loved our stay, it's very well situated, Close to Sagrada Familia! how close? our room had a view to It!

Entrance (photo by sketchbooksix)

Entrance (Photo taked from Google)
Lobby (Photo taked from Google)
Rooftop (Photo taked from Google)

Double Bedroom (Photo taked from Google)

So we ditched the things in our room and we started our tour, we didn't had much time to that day and we were a little tired because of the trip so we went to the gothic district where we saw the amazing Catedral of Barcelona where we lighted up a candle for our grandfathers that are looking for us somewhere, I know they are =)

The Gothic District is so inspiring, I love Goth for me It's one of the most brilliant architecture styles we have!
Here are some photos of the beautiful place to end this post! (All the photos were taked by Johanna from sketchbooksix)

Cya all hope you had a beautiful and frightening Halloween!

John from Hoteloscopy

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